Monday, August 25, 2014

Discovering the city of Kusadasi


Hi! I'm on my last holiday at the moment! This time, in Turkey. You might wonder why I've been away for so long. Well, my mom and dad are divorced. So I usually go on holiday twice. But this year I also went with my best friend and her parents. This is not something I do every year and I really don't ant to brag about it. I hope you enjoy reading my posts from abroad.

I wore a simple outfit to Kusadasi as it was really quite warm and wanted something simple and loose fitted. I chose my new top which I bought in Spain a Stradivarius (which Bente always fangirls and talks about, and she's right, it's a fab shop). And my simple high waisted shorts and sandals from H&M. For my rings I'm wearing rings from random places. The big white one, I got of my lovely aunty for my 16th birthday. And the knuckle rings are from H&M. The ring on my middle finger I bought in Turkey a few years ago and is one of my go go's.

School starts in a week.. I really don't want to go back to school. I'm doing the year over, so things will be different this year, and I'm really not looking forward to that. And I've heard it's like autumn in Holland, so we'll have to buy jumpers and warm coats and shoes. That's the good thing about going into a new season, finding out new trends and getting to buy some new clothes. So when I get back, it'll be going through magazines and blogs getting inspiration for this a/w. But for just this week, I'm going to enjoy the sun here in Turkey.


Monday, August 18, 2014


Hola! A few days ago we went touring round a few villages. They all were so pretty, I love Spain. We went to Pals, Palamos and another one but I can’t remember. All of these places were located on the east coast of Spain To the scenery was just beautiful! I took loads of photo’s which I will show you in one big post when the holiday is over. 

While we were in one of the villages, we walked down on to the beach where there were some rock you could climb on to. The view from where was beautiful and Isa took some photo’s of me.

I’m fully dressed in H&M.. Oops, It just happens that I always find  bunch of nice stuff in there and spending all of my money. Oh well, I don’t really mind.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


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Hola Chikitas. I'm loving Spain so much! I've been once a couple of years ago but I can hardly remember. But now I'm here, I fell in love a little and I'd really love to come back again.

Yesterday we went to Girona, the city close to the village we're staying in. We were supposed to leave round about one o'clock but there was a 'dangerous' wasp's nest which had to be cleared so we didn't leave until three-ish. But it was okay because it wasn't a big city at all. But because we had to wait, Isa took some outfit pictures for me.

The outfit
I'm wearing a fairly new pair of shorts which I bought at forever 21 a month ago. I really love it because of its print and it's different to my other pairs. It is a bit risky to wear them out in public because they are on the short-i-can-almost-see-your-bum side, but I knew that so I didn't have any bum-in-full-view moments. Luckily. The kimono and shoes are from H&M.

Love, Eve

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hi there! I've been in Spain for a couple of days now with Isa and we're having a really good time! As we're together now for a mother week we're going to take as many outfit pictures as we can haha! Isa already took a few of my outfit when we we're in l'Estartit. There are only 2 photo's because it was a bit busy and it was a bit awkward haha. It's a simple outfit but I really like it anyway. Today we're going to Platja d'Aro so we'll take some some over there I think. I hope you like my outfit.

Love, Eve